StealthStop - The Magnetic Door Stopper

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Is the door stopper suitable for my doors?

The door stopper is suitable for any door and floor distance of 5-21MM

What material is it made from?

The door stopper is made from stainless steel.



Are you tired of unsightly door stops ruining your home's aesthetic? Look no further! StealthStop's Invisible Magnetic Door Stopper is a game-changing solution designed to provide security and elegance to any room. With simple-to-follow instructions and all necessary hardware included, you'll have your new door stopper up and running in no time. Our versatile design is compatible with various door types and materials, making it the ideal choice for any home, office, or commercial space.


The technology.

Our innovative door stopper features a cutting-edge magnetic mechanism that ensures a strong and reliable hold. The ultra-durable neodymium magnet keeps your door firmly in place without the need for any bulky, visible equipment. StealthStop's door stopper is perfect for protecting walls and furniture and maintaining your interior's clean, modern look.


The Design.

The true beauty of StealthStop's door stopper lies in its discreet, invisible design. The compact size and concealed installation make it virtually undetectable when the door is closed. Say goodbye to unsightly traditional door stops and embrace a more refined, minimalist approach.


Your benefits.


Perfect for protecting walls and furniture and maintaining your interior's clean, modern look.

Easy installation.

Simply install the door stopper within 3 minutes.

Waterproof & strong.

Designed to withstand daily use and resist wear and tear, you can trust StealthStop to protect your doors and walls for years.